Moving closer to a cure: the work of the Breast Cancer Campaign

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The Breast Cancer Campaign is determined to play an important part in this journey forward. It aims to target the cure, by funding research which looks at: improving diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer; better understanding how it develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.

The BCC is small but independent and innovative. It is the only charity that focuses exclusively on breast cancer research and will fund projects at any centre of excellence anywhere in the UK.

It has a particular interest in research which progresses promising laboratory results into the clinic and develops the research of talented young investigators. In the same way that breast cancer is not just one disease, the most effective treatments and ultimately cures will come from a wide range of disciplines and from scientists working across the spectrum of cancer research. The BCC wants to exploit all these avenues of research by investing in a wide range of projects, both scientifically and geographically.

The Charity has come a very long way since its foundation in 1988. Over the past five years, the BCC has made 30 grants, with a total value in the region of �6 million at 18 different institutions in 12 cities each addressing a different aspect of research into breast cancer or best practice in treatment. The target for 2000 is �million in new grants, half of which was made in May 2000.

Grants range from a fellowship at St Thomas’ Hospital looking at one aspect of how cancer spreads, to another at Brunel University looking at why some breast cancer patients are sensitive to radiotherapy treatment and to determine if this is linked to pre-disposition to breast cancer.

The other, equally important, element of the BCC’s work is raising awareness of breast cancer, mainly through the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in October. Each year we send out many, many pink collection boxes and hundreds of thousands of pink ribbons to supporters throughout the country.

However as we are a small Charity, we rely on the tireless efforts of our volunteers and fundraisers who help raise much needed funds for our valuable work. With enthusiasm and commitment, we can steadily but surely move closer to our goal of better treatment and diagnosis for breast cancer patients and eventually a cure or prevention of the disease.