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Cause Related Marketing Charity or Charities, Partnering Company or Companies Welcome to the Breast Cancer Campaign’s website.  The Breast Cancer Campaign is the only charity that specialises in funding independent breast cancer research throughout the United Kingdom. On our website, you can find out all about breast cancer and how to check your breasts, as well as all the latest news on our events and research into targeting the cure.

Breast Cancer Campaign

Medicine has taken giant steps forward in our lifetimes, yet one women in nine will still develop breast cancer and although survival rates are improving, too many of these women will die from the disease.

We still do not know what causes the disease and do not understand enough of how it develops and progresses. This is where Breast Cancer Campaign has a role to play. It aims to find the cure for the breast cancer by funding research which looks at improving diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, better understanding how it develops and ultimately either curing the disease or preventing it.

Breast Cancer Campaign is small but innovative. In the same way that breast cancer is not just one disease, the most effective treatments and ultimately cures will come from a wide range of disciplines and from scientists working across the spectrum of cancer research.

Our Scientific Advisory Board of prominent experts in the field ensures that only top quality original research is funded by Breast Cancer Campaign. The Charity is currently supporting research across the UK from Southampton to Aberdeen and Cardiff to Cambridge, in 19 different cities, and to date has funded projects worth over £4 million.

The other equally important element of Breast Cancer Campaign’s work is raising awareness of breast cancer, mainly through the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. However as we are a small charity, we rely on the tireless efforts of our volunteers and fundraisers who help raise much-needed funds for our valuable work. With their enthusiasm and commitment, we can steadily but surely move closer to our goal.

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Whic Reserch is Founded

We receive several calls each week from laboratories, universities, individual researchers and Heads of Department – all looking for funding. We ask all applicants to fill in an application form, which details what they propose to do, where they are going to do the research and how much this will cost. This form is then sent to our Scientific Advisory Board and also to at least two recognised experts in the field for their evaluation. These comments are then returned to the Breast Cancer Campaign office for consideration by the Scientific Advisory Board at their board meeting.Breast Cancer Risk Factors  We go through this strict review process to ensure that we spend our donors’ money properly. It is possible to fool lay people with a good story, but when senior scientists in the field rate someone else’s project highly that is an accolade. This system isn’t perfect but it highlights project duplication, where a team has a poor track record or a line of research that others have proved to be of no value. A professional in the same field will know where to look for flaws and inconsistencies, and will also be able to judge whether the budget for the project is reasonable.

The Facts about Breast Cancer

One woman in 9 in the United Kingdom will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Each year 39,200 women are newly diagnosed with breast cancer and although survival rates are improving, on average 74 per cent of women are still alive five years later, too many women will die from the disease. On average 12,800 women die from breast cancer each year

Age is the biggest risk factor for breast cancer, with 80 per cent of all breast cancers occur in post-menopausal women (assuming average age of menopause is 50). However, approximately 8,000 pre-menopausal women are diagnosed with the disease each year..

Men can also suffer from breast cancer, although they make up less than one per cent of all new cases of the disease. Those who get breast cancer are usually over 60 years of age and approximately 60 per cent of these men survive for at least five years. Men account for 300 new cases of breast cancer a year in the UK and about 100 men die from the disease a year.

Britain has one of the highest breast cancer death rates in the world. Breast Cancer Campaign wants to understand why and do something about it. Statistics cannot begin to describe the impact that breast cancer has on the lives of those women who are affected by it and on their families, friends and colleagues.